Little letter for Mom “Happy Mothers Day Mom”

Published February 12, 2015 by harmin adijaya putri

I dont know what should I do and what should I GIVE IN THIS SPECIAL DAY Mom. I mean every day is special day with you mom. I only hope that Allah always blessing your life, your career, and your health, and blessing your long life and all the best for you. I know that, I cant do anything that will make me paid off all your kindness and your caring during my life till this time.

I know that, I am not a good girl, so I asking for apologize for everything that I’ve done. I always try to make you happy, make you proud of me.

Mom,,,,, I know I’m not perfect as people out there. I’m  not genius. I’m just me. I try hard to make you happy.

Last,, Happy Mothers Day Mom… I love you so much,,, I miss you,,, really miss you….

Mom… Wish you all the best, You still the best mom that I ever had.. such a superwoman…

Thanks everything that you’ve done…

I am sorry for all my mistake, but I promise, I can make you happy and proud of me.

God bless for Us…

Your baby girl…….

Harmin Adijaya Putri


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